Monthnotes — 27.05.2022

Mini-placards: things that need standing up for in the climate emergency, from the Art of Invitation workshop, part of the Transition Together summit

“If love were the central practice of a new generation of organizers and spiritual leaders […] we would organize with the perspective that there is wisdom and experience and amazing stories in the communities we love, and instead of starting up new ideas / organizations all the time, we would want to listen, support, collaborate, merge, and grow through fusion, not competition.

We would understand that the strength of our movement is in the strength of our relationships, which could only be measured by their depth. Scaling up would mean going deeper, being more vulnerable and more empathetic.

What does depth require from us, from me? In my longing for depth I have been re-rooting in the earth, in myself and my creativity, in my community, in my spiritual practices, honing in on work that is not only meaningful but feels joyful, listening with less and less judgement to the ideas and efforts of others, having visions that are long term.” (Emergent Strategy, p.10)

Hedgerow near Bristol, May 2022



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